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Tags from Flickr. Modes represent user-image-tag-date, where date is at the granularity of day. Non-zero values are binary, indicating that a user has tagged a image on a given day. The order-3 tensor is the same data with dates removed.

User and image ID mappings are only useful for reproducibility due to anonymization efforts. However, the tags and dates map to original data. Date IDs are ordered chronologically.

Tensor Statistics

Non-zeros 112,890,310
Order 4
Dimensions 319,686 x 28,153,045 x 1,607,191 x 731
Tags tags , binary

Downloadable Files

File Description
flickr-4d.tns.gz Tensor
flickr-3d.tns.gz Tensor with the fourth mode (dates) removed Users (just points new IDs to old IDs) Items (just points new IDs to old IDs) Tags Dates


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