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VAST 2015 Mini-Challenge 1

Synthetic dataset from the VAST 2015 Mini-Challenge 1. This tensor represents events (‘check-in’, ‘movement’) of attendees at a theme park over one weekend. Hidden within the data are various malicious events. Non-zero values are binary, indicating that an attendee performed an event. The modes are time-person-action-xloc-yloc, with time at the resolution of seconds. The order-3 tensor is the same data with location information removed.

Tensor Statistics

Non-zeros 26,021,945
Order 5
Dimensions 165,427 x 11,374 x 2 x 100 x 89
Tags geographical , surveillance , binary

Downloadable Files

File Description
vast-2015-mc1-5d.tns.gz Tensor
vast-2015-mc1-3d.tns.gz Tensor with fourth and fifth modes removed Timestamps Person IDs Actions X coordinates Y coordinates


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